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2015 IBC Global Forum: Daniela Romero, HEB Mexico

June 16th, 2015

The concluding presenter at the 2015 IBC Global Forum was Daniela Romero, Buyer for a leading Mexican supermarket and general merchandise retailer, HEB Mexico. Affiliated with the US based HEB, HEB Mexico sources product independently.

Ms. Romero’s presentation included these stats on HEB Mexico:

-HEB has 52 stores in Mexico & Ma Tienda has 9 stores in Mexico

-HEB in the United States has US$26 billion U.S. sales

-HEB Mexico has US$2 billion in sales

-Growing into central Mexico

-11% growth rate compound

-In three years their on-line business has grown to 3%

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About the Speaker:

Daniela Romero
Buyer, Kitchen Products, Tableware and China
Supermercados Internacionales HEB

Daniela Romero holds a Bachelors of Business Marketing from Monterey Institute of Technology and has taken several marketing courses at Queen’s University. During her 12 years at Supermercados Internacionales HEB on the buying team in Mexico, Ms. Romero has focused mainly in general merchandise and housewares categories. For the past 9 years she has been responsible for managing business development through strategic international and domestic sourcing.

2015 IBC Global Forum: Jackson Liang, Genesis Household Products

June 16th, 2015

The burgeoning China market holds tremendous promise form makers of well-designed and functional products for the home. Our next speaker, Jackson Liang, Managing Director of Genesis Household Products, a company which imports and places products in the China market.

Mr. Liang offered these insights on his market:

– China’s population is 19% of total world population

– China’s 7.4%vgrowth is larger in real output terms than its 14% growth in 2007

– Total ecommerce was 427 billion in 2014

– Department stores are number one channel in China

Mr. Liang assesses the opportunities and challenges in China as follows:


– Growing demand

– 60% of consumers will pay more for imported products

– Tier 3 and 4 cities have big upside potential

– Online and social portals offer fast to-market opportunities


– The retail market is immature

– Regulations and local policies can be complicated

– There are cultural differences

– There is a lack of experienced housewares buyers


Mr. Liang’s PowerPoint is available to IBC members here.

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About the Speaker:

Jackson Liang
Managing Director
Genesis Household Products

Jackson Liang is currently the Managing Director of Genesis Household Products and has worked in the housewares industry since 1997.  Previously, Mr. Liang was the sales & marketing manager for Timolino Ltd., a thermal drinkware brand from the U.S.  Since 2008, Mr. Liang has been managing day-to-day operations for Genesis Household Products, an importer and distributor of branded houseware products through the China market.

Mr. Liang was born and raised in Taiwan and has had the opportunity to come to the U.S. during high school.  He earned a degree in architecture from Columbia University, graduating in 1994.

Mr. Liang currently lives in Kunshan, China with his wife and two children and enjoys playing sports and traveling with his family in his leisure time.

2015 IBC Global Forum, James Ryan, Living Merchandise for Canadian Tire

June 16th, 2015

The second speaker to address today’s session of the 2015 IBC Global Forum was James Ryan, Vice President of Living Merchandise for Canadian Tire, a 490 store chain of store throughout Canada. Housewares is a key component of Canadian Tire’s business.

Mr. Ryan offered his observations on the Canadian market and the strategic direction at Canadian Tire.

Key info about Canadian Tire:

-There are 490 stores

-They are the largest single-supporter of sports in Canada

-They support many other community initiatives including a children’s activity initiative called “we All Play for Canada”

-They source globally

-They are on a push for brand and higher quality

-They get their customers involved in the product testing process

Mr. Ryan’s PowerPoint is available to IBC members here.

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About the Speaker:

James Ryan
Vice-President, Living Merchandising
Canadian Tire

As Vice-President of Living Merchandise for Canadian Tire, Mr. Ryan is responsible for overseeing a vast and varied category, which includes products from Kitchen and Home Cleaning departments to Pet Accessories and Storage and Organization.

Having previously occupied positions in-store and at the head offices of various retailers for over 23 years, retail is truly part of James’ career DNA. With extended time spent at Sears and Loblaw, James has called Canadian Tire home since February 2014.

2015 IBC Global Forum: Miguel Mesinas, ICONO Comercial

June 16th, 2015

Kicking off day two at this year’s IBC Global Forum here in Mexico City, the audience of global business professionals heard from Miguel Mesinas, General Director of ICONO Comercial who discussed the positioning of brands in the Mexican market.

Among his observations regarding the Mexico market were:

-Big changes are afoot

-Crate & Barrel is in Mexico City but results are not there; they have discovered that the Mexico market is not like US

-There are 120 million people in Mexico

-US$1500 is the monthly household income

-Pricing a challenge

-US$5-US$6 per day minimum wage

-Amazon is coming and will change the entire pricing structure at retail

-Delivery costs will be a challenge for Amazon

-Premium cleaning products may be challenged as the home owners do not clean themselves

-Miguel has his own team in Liverpool etc. managing the presentation and inventory

-Best Buy has 13 stores in Mexico


Mr. Mesinas’s PowerPoint is available to IBC members here.

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About the Speaker:

Miguel Mesinas
General Director
ICONO Comercial

Miguel Mesinas has experience in international marketing in various sectors of wholesale and retail, with a focus on launching and positioning of US and European brands in the Mexican market.

From 2001 Mr. Mesinas served as General Director of Mexico Nautica and Nautica Jeans, positioning the company as a major players in the segment through department and specialty stores in Mexico. During his tenure at the company, the market share grew 30% operating and logistics costs were greatly reduced. From 2003 to 2005, Mr. Mesinas ventured into projects related to the environment and new business for Domos Group, a Monterrey-based company, seeking growth in areas requiring short-term investments.

Currently, Mr. Mesinas is the General Director of ICONO Comercial. ICONO represents more than 15 global brands in the Mexican market, has licensed leading brands in the industry and has developed four own-brands in Europe and Asia. ICONO’s main distribution channels are department stores, supermarkets, price clubs and specialty shops.

Mr. Mesinas received degrees in Industrial Relations and Business Administration at the Universidad Anáhuac del Sur, where he also obtained his MBA with a concentration in international marketing.

2015 IBC Global Forum: Ben Phillips, Steamer Trading

June 15th, 2015

Following Dr. Ettenson’s presentation to the Global Forum, Ben Phillips, Managing Director of Steamer Trading, a leading retailer for housewares and home products in the United Kingdom offered the group his insights on the UK market and his strategic vision for Steamer Trading.

His key points included:

– Steamer Trading currently has 34 stores in the UK (although none in London proper at the moment).

– Their total annual turnover is GBP 30 million

– They plan on having 50 stores by 2017

– The UK is currently the number three market for U.S. Suppliers

– Steamer Trading has experienced 31% average annual growth

– The internet will be Steamer Trading’s largest store in 2016

Mr. Phillips’ PowerPoint is available to IBC members here.

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About the Speaker:
Ben Phillips
Managing Director
Steamer Trading Limited

Ben Phillips is the Managing Director of Steamer Trading Cookshops, a home and housewares specialty retailer in the UK. Steamer Trading Limited was founded in 1985 by Mr. Phillips’ parents. He joined the company in 2001 to oversee the growth of the business from a single store to the current expansion to 34 stores.

Despite having been born into a family of retailers, Mr. Phillips’ career was with Credit Suisse First Boston, where he spent 11 years as Managing Director with responsibility for consumer products and retail.

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