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CHESS 2016 to Examine Navigating Transitional Times Through Political, Economic, Cultural Shifts

Political Pundit Charlie Cook, Retail Analyst Dana Telsey Lead Keynote Sessions

The November presidential election will bring a change to the political, economic and cultural landscape in America with a ripple effect around the world. Housewares executives can gain insight into what to expect from these changes as experts in politics, retail and economics explore “Navigating Transitional Times…Through Political, Economic and Cultural Shifts” during the 2016 Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession (CHESS), Oct. 6-7 in Rosemont, Ill.

Political pundit Charlie Cook will preview the elections in his keynote session, “Where is Our Country Headed?”  on Oct. 6. For more than two decades, Cook has been Washington’s most trusted—and most accurate—voice on all things political, whether it’s the outcome of a congressional, gubernatorial or presidential election. He will share his insights on the 2016 political season and offer an insider’s perspective on how we got here, who will prevail and what it means going forward.

Dana Telsey, retail analyst, CEO and chief research officer at Telsey Advisory Group, returns to CHESS to examine “The Future of Retail: Implications for the Housewares Industry.” In this keynote session on Oct. 7, Telsey and her partner, Joe Feldman, will build upon their 2015 CHESS presentation, offering a view into the future direction of both brick and mortar and online retail. Telsey is a regular guest analyst on CNN and CNBC and has also appeared on Wall Street Week, ABC News, The NBC Evening News and The Today Show.

CHESS is the strategic and networking event for industry leaders. It is designed for chief officers of all IHA member companies and their top decision-makers and features sessions on critical issues affecting housewares, including design and innovation, brand marketing, the China market, supply chain logistics, retail trends and more.

The program opens Oct. 6 with the annual blue-ribbon panel of housewares CEOs moderated by Peter Giannetti, editor-in-chief of HomeWorld Business. The afternoon will feature a global economic outlook by Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist at The Economic Outlook Group. Baumohl will address topics including the effect China has on global manufacturing and potential reshoring issues, the impact of Free Trade on keeping the U.S. competitive, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement and the impact of the upcoming presidential election on the economy and how it may change after a new president is in office.

Other general sessions will cover marketing to Boomers and Millennials and supply chain logistics. Time will be provided after each session for Q&A with the speakers.

Networking breaks, luncheons and a cocktail reception and dinner also provide time for attendees to network and meet informally with speakers, industry service providers and their colleagues—the most valuable part of the program according to past participants.

To register for CHESS or for more information, visit the CHESS website or contact Isabel Barabicho at IHA.

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Is Your Company Prepared for SOLAS?

If your company ships ocean containers, you need to prepared for SOLAS. Effective July 1, 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will be enforcing a new regulation in the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS). This new regulation mandates that shippers provide a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for every container as a condition for loading onto a ship for export. VGM is the technical term for the weight of the container. The new regulation is designed to eliminate overweight containers being loaded onto ships. Carriers say overweight containers have been a major component to recent maritime accidents.

Ocean carriers have been very candid concerning the consequence for a container that arrives at the origin terminal port without a VGM: “No VGM = No Load.” Further, any additional costs incurred until the VGM is provided, such as storing the container or removing the container from the terminal, will be the sole responsibility of the shipper.

The two most commonly asked questions from shippers are how to determine the VGM and how to submit the information to the carrier. SOLAS guidelines allow two methods for determining the VGM:

Weighing Method 1: Weighing the whole container at a certified weighbridge after it has been loaded. The whole container would include the weight of the loaded container, the weight of the truck and the weight of the chassis. The VGM would be determined by subtracting the combined weight of the truck and chassis from the whole container weight.

Weighing Method 2: Weighing all the cargo and contents that is loaded into an individual container. Additional loading material, such as pallets, must also be included as part of the weight. The VGM would be determined by adding the weight of the contents of the individual container to the container tare weight. Method 2 is expected to be the preferred method shippers use to determine the VGM.

The preferred method for submission of a VGM to a carrier is through one of the digital channels mentioned below:

  • Direct EDI submission
  • EDI or online submission via third party portals like INTTRA, GT Nexus or CargoSmart
  • Online submission via carrier webpage
  • Submission via email

Manual methods of submission, email, fax or phone are also acceptable by some carriers but are not encouraged. Digital channels will provide the best solution to avoid documentation errors causing delays in loading containers on ships.

There are also several actions shippers can initiate leading up to SOLAS effective date:

  • Evaluate your weighing options factoring in relevant costings and procedures
  • Decide if you will need to engage a weighing service provider
  • Be aware of each terminal’s VGM submission cut-off requirements
  • Be aware of the origin country SOLAS VGM implementation guidelines

SOLAS is globally binding with all 171 IMO member countries in agreement to implement the new regulation. However, it is up to an individual country to enforce SOLAS requirements along their own guidelines. This means certain requirements for containers exported from China could be different from containers exported from India or the United States. These differences have caused plenty of uncertainties on how SOLAS will impact the global shipping industry.

The timing of SOLAS could not be worse for shippers. July represents the time of year when the majority of shippers begin to increase their container shipments in preparation for the holiday season. Industry executives representing the container transport industry are worried about the potential disruptions that SOLAS could cause to various supply chain stakeholders. SOLAS is just one month away, but there are still many concerns over whether the stakeholders will be able to comply with the mandate.

Need more information?  Contact IHSA to learn more and to find out how you can reduce your ocean freight charges.  Or, visit the IHSA website for more information.

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2016 Global Forum Offers Educational Sessions on International Sales Issues, Global Markets

Housewares suppliers new to the international arena or veteran sales executives wanting to grow their global business will benefit from IHA’s 2016 Global Forum, to be held June 8-10 at the Warwick Allerton Hotel in Chicago. Overviews by key housewares buyers covering China, Denmark, Honduras, Indonesia, Norway and Sweden along with sessions on critical international business issues and networking opportunities fill the agenda of the two-day annual meeting.

The Global Forum is sponsored by the International Business Council (IBC), a special interest group of International Housewares Association members dedicated to increasing their international business. It is open to IBC and non-IBC members and sessions are geared toward both novice and experienced sales managers.

For attendees new to IBC or new to exporting, “IBC 101: International Essentials” on June 8 will provide an overview of the international marketplace, including brief discussions on market selection, export mechanics, distribution models, international pricing and INCO terms. The one-hour session will be held before the opening night networking reception and dinner.

The main program opens on June 9 with an Executive Education session, “Pragmatically Approaching Western Europe” by François Boutet of STARTˈHOME, a consultancy specializing in European market strategy. Entering the region or enhancing current exports of home and housewares goods in European markets can dramatically increase a company’s overall global sales. Although close in proximity, the market preferences and demands for each country within Europe can vastly differ. Boutet will explain the nuances of several Western European markets, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, providing pragmatic best-practices for these key regions.

Ambrose Thomas of the U.S. Commercial Service in Lagos, Nigeria, will provide an overview of “How to use Africa to Reach Other Export Markets“. He will explore using Africa as a thoroughfare for exporting to other markets that have a demand for home and housewares. Attendees may discover new markets they have not yet considered or alternative ways to reach these regions to increase their export portfolio.

Representatives from key retailers or distributors in China, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Honduras and Indonesia will discuss their markets and explain their goals and strategies for working with housewares suppliers. The retail update sessions cover:

China—VIP.com. Tony Shun, head of business development and merchandising for VIP.com, will explain how to sell directly to their 180 million registered Chinese users. In December 2008, VIP.com introduced its B2C online sales model to the Chinese consumer market, which has an estimated value of $600 billion.

Denmark, Norway and Sweden—Hippie De Luxe. Linus Kolmevik will discuss this home and housewares distributor’s approach to product distribution, key retailers to target and the nuances of these three Nordic markets, which have a combined GDP of US$ 1.437 billion.

Honduras—Lady Lee. Carlos Zelaya, commercial manager of Lady Lee, a department retailer with 20 stores in main Honduran cities, will present their strategies for success within the home and housewares market in Honduras and how to enter this key Central American country.

Indonesia—ACE Hardware. Nana Puspa Dewi, marketing director, and Donny Prayoga, head of purchasing, will offer perspectives on the growing Indonesian market and how to work with ACE in this country. ACE Hardware Indonesia has 116 stores across the country and plans to add up to 10 more in 2016, targeting mid to high-level consumers—67 percent of the population falls into the middle to upper middle class. Customers are very open to western-branded home and housewares products and encourage the retailer to add more their current selection.

The Global Forum registration fee includes the educational program, continental breakfasts, lunch, reception and dinners. For further information or to sign up for the Global Forum visit www.housewares.org/members/global-forum or contact Lori Szudarek, manager, international trade development, at +1 847-692-0116 or email Lszudarek@housewares.org.



Webinar: How to Submit Your Space Application

Learn how to navigate your way through the 2017 International Home + Housewares Show space application!  Join us for an informative webinar that will walk you step by step through your space application for the 2017 Show.  This live webinar will allow you to ask real time questions, understand your payment options and highlight deadline dates.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
12:00 – 1:00 pm

Register Here!

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Growing Global Sales

Once a year, international business professionals from the housewares industry gather at the IBC Global Forum to increase their global sales through education and networking.  For more than 20 years, the International Business Council (formerly HECNA) has put together a strong, multi-day event to provide attendees with the tools needed to succeed in the global economy.

And this year is no exception with a wide variety of educational topics and networking opportunities planned for June 8-10 in Chicago.  Learn from and meet directly with buyers from Central America, Indonesia, China & Scandinavia, with a European market-entry specialist and with a representative from the U.S. Commercial Service in Nigeria.

Networking is another great benefit of attending the Global Forum.  At receptions and dinners and at a special strategic problem solving session, attendees have access to housewares-industry peers who offer hundreds of years of global experience.  If you’re new to international sales and need to learn how to get started, or if you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ll find industry colleagues happy to discuss, council and advise on how to get the most out of your international programs.

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Strategic Problem Solving Discussion at the Global Forum

To follow is an overview of the events and programs planned:

4:30 pm – IBC 101: International Business Basics
6:00 pm – Networking Reception & Dinner

9:00 am – Welcome
9:30 am – 3:50 pm – Executive Education: European Market Entry Strategies
4:05 pm – Market Overview: Reaching Export Markets Through Africa
6:30 pm – Networking Dinner

8:00 am – China Retail Overview: VIP.com (Internet Retailer)
8:45 am – Scandinavian Market Overview: Hippie De Luxe (Distributor)
9:45 am – Strategic Problem Solving: Networking Session
11:15 am – Honduras Retail Overview: Corporación Lady Lee (Retailer)
12:00 pm – Indonesia Retail Overview: Ace Indonesia (Retailer)
12:45 pm – IBC General Meeting
1:00 pm – Farewell

The IBC Global Forum is a melting pot of knowledge and culture with attendees already registered for the 2016 event coming from Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, China, Indonesia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Nigeria, and of course from the United States.   There is simply no better place to engage with the global housewares community!

Additional information and registration details are available on the IBC website.  And, feel free to reach out to Lori Szudarek directly to ask questions!

The International Housewares Association and the International Business Council plan the Global Forum each year to benefit our membership – take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to grow your international sales!

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